New Progress Release available - 2016.10.0 - see forum for details 




URGENT ALERT!!! - 26th July 2016

Latest Windows Defender update (1.225.2433.0) in Windows 10 is causing Progress5.exe to be detected and deleted as Malware.  You have to retrieve the executable from Quarantine.

First you must disable Windows Defender, then add Progress target line in as an exception and then re-enable Windows Defender afterwards.  This may show a warning message when you try to open Progress, but you will have the option to continue.

Please ask Support for a Knowledgebase article.



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Adrian Mitchell ('Mitch')
IT Manager at Variety Club Children's Charity 
Mitch's charity life started at Directory of Social Change on their book sales side, working with the likes of FileMaker & Sage, before being promoted to IT Manager and overseeing the implementation of the Progress database across all its departments. "I have since worked with Progress for about the last 10 years: six at Directory of Social Change, and the last four at Variety Club Children's Charity, doing my best to stretch its capabilities to the limits as I go! I've always been a ‘tech' - ever since the arrival of the ZX80/81 anyway (and once wrote a complete database program in Spectrum Basic!), apart from a creative interlude in my twenties when I worked in photography and tried (and failed) to become a rock star!"


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